South Sudan’s Minister of Défense blames commanders for crimes against women

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JUBA, South Sudan

South Sudan’s Minister of Defense Kuol Manyang Juuk has blamed commanding officers for the continued violence against women across the country saying that the power of the gun wields them more power against their victims.

“Your people are weak. You are the strongest because you have the gun, and with the gun, you can do anything,” asserted the Minister.

The United Nations (UN), its sister organizations and other humanitarian groups had in multiple reports documented writing that suggested that most human right violators included members of the organized forces, including the police, the army and opposition groups.

The report also highlighted incidences of sexual violence not limited to gang rapes but sexual slavery, forced marriages, mutilation of sexual organs, killings and so much more.

Additionally, the report penned down 23 other individuals involved in these crimes as people who bare superior responsibility.

In response to these allegations, the South Sudanese army confirmed some of the details in the report and promised to work with law enforcements to unsure that these crimes do not happen again.

“The commanding officers in the field must be held accountable for failing to control their soldiers.” Said the Defense Minister.