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South Sudan diplomat urinates during live video conference

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Gordon Buay, a South Sudan diplomat in the United States, has been the subject of discussion on the internet after he was seen urinating during a panel discussion on Facebook. The incident occurred during the video conference meeting regarding the appointment of a governor for Upper Nile state on Friday.

As seen in the video, Gordon Buay walked up to the bathroom and relieved himself as other panelists were left in an utter state of shock.

He was seen wearing just a shirt during the act and in fact, did not even switch off the camera or the mic. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

“I believe it is Gordon Buay who is making that noise,” one of the panelists said in the video. Moments later, Gordon’s video was cut off from the screen.

“Embarrassing! South Sudan’s ambassador to the USA #GordonBuay urinates during a live zoom discussion panel. I am still speechless. Couldn’t he turn off his camera and mute his mic?” Twitter user Hillary Taylor, who shared the video, said in his post on Twitter.

South Sudan’s ambassador to the USA #GordonBuay urinates during a live zoom discussion panel. I am still speechless….

Couldn’t he turn off his camera and mute his mic? pic.twitter.com/bYgTSFp3lH— #FreeBobiWine (@HillaryTaylorVI) July 8, 2020

The internet is still making an attempt to digest the fact. “He should voluntarily resign before he gets fired. This was a global embarrassment to his country South Sudan,” a user said.

Gordon Buay, in the meantime, wrote in a post in Facebook that the video was “fake”.

Gordon Buay is South Sudan’s deputy ambassador to the US.

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