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South Korea: Massive fire engulfs 33-storeyed building in South Korea, as firefighters race to evacuate hundreds of people inside

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Hundreds were evacuated and over 80 people were reportedly in hospital for smoke inhalation after a fire broke out at the Samhwan Art Nouveau building in Ulsan.

A huge blaze has engulfed the entirety of a 33-storey apartment block in South Korea.

The fire, which is believed to have started on the 12th floor of the residential building at around 11.07pm local time, has swept through the whole block in the Dal Dong district of Ulsan, a city northwest of Busan. 

When the fire broke out firefighters rushed to clear the 136-household block of all residents.    

Footage from the scene shows flames reaching high up to the top of the building as large slabs of concrete tumble down to the street below and smoke billows out into the night air.  

The Ulsan Fire Department is currently extinguishing the flames. 

According to the local news site, the fire spread through the building spurred on by the strong winds currently in force in the area. 

The winds spread the fire to a shopping centre next door but those flames have now been extinguished, Chosun.com reported. 

According to the Ulsan Fire Department, 15 people were rushed to hospital and 43 residents were evacuated to the rooftop where specialist on-site crews were taking care of them. 

The fire department added they suspect the fire began on the 12th floor before sweeping up the building, pushed on by the strong winds in the area tonight. 

The inferno quickly spread to the roof, they said. 

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