South Africa: Pastor and church members arrested for having an Easter service on this lockdown.

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It is very strange this Easter weekend as many people are arrested for going to church. This is when two different churches were closed down for breaking the Lockdown rules.

Friday on the 10th of April in the eastern cape a group of ladies whom were having a church service were arrested and then again yesterday the 11th of April, a pastor and his followers were arrested.

These churches are both from the eastern cape and they all know about the virus and the lockdown rules but still they continue to push it and violate the laws.

In this church there was only one man and everyone else were women, the police report that about 80% of the women were pregnant and others had toddlers already. It is suspected that the pastor could be the father.

When the pastor was asked if he knew about the lockdown rules he admitted that he did knew and further explained that he wanted to pray to Jesus for this COVID-19. Unfortunately he’s statements were not taken into consideration and he was under arrest.

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