Somalia gets a new Prime Minister

Somalia gets a new Prime Minister

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 Mogadishu: Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has appointed Mohamed Hussein Roble as the country’s new Prime Minister.

Somalia gets a new prime minister hours after brokering an agreement with regional leaders for elections next year that abandons a promised one-person, one-vote model.

Mohamed’s office announced late Thursday the appointment of Mohamed Hussein Roble, a Swedish-trained civil engineer and political neophyte, and “wished him to take duties and tasks ahead with diligence”.

He fills a vacancy left when former premier Hassan Ali Khaire was removed by parliament in July for failing to pave the way for fully democratic elections due before February 2021.

The foreign-backed government in Mogadishu has been in drawn-out negotiations with Somalia’s federal states over how to proceed with parliamentary and presidential elections.

However the process has been held-up by political infighting between the president — better known by his nickname Farmajo — and the country’s regional leaders.

Somalia had set itself the goal of holding its first fully democratic, one-man one-vote election since 1969 — as opposed to a complex system in which special delegates pick lawmakers who then vote for the president.

Roble, a newcomer to Somalian politics will have to fill the vacancy left by the former PM Ali Khaire, who was removed by parliament last July, after failing to pave the way for fully democratic elections before early 2021.

Members of Parliament were told that Prime Minister Khaire is against the two years of government term extension so they expelled Khaire, remembers political analyst Dr. Hassan Sheikh Ali. From 2017 to 2021 – in four years, Somalia did not make any political progress, and that is unfortunate.”

Swedish-trained civil engineer Roble’s nomination as Prime Minister comes hours after an agreement was brokered with regional leaders, in which the “one person, one vote model” which was promised for the next year’s elections has been dropped

The foreign-backed government had been applauded in the past by the international community for pursuing the one person, one vote elections. However political infighting between the president and the country’s regional leaders has lead the government to postpone the application of the UN-backed model until after the 2021 elections.

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