Ashburg Kato loses 4000 followers in one night after crossing from People Power to NRM

Ashburg Kato loses 4000 followers in one night after crossing from People Power to NRM

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KAMPALA — Self proclaimed number one blogger and formally ardent supporter of People Power founder Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has obtained a drop in following by over 3000 people and hundreds of friends.

This followed his pronouncement in which he confirmed his exit from People Power camp and embraced the National Resistance Movement and Muhoozi project.

Kato, who has been very close to Bobi Wine in a surprise video shocked followers when he indicated he had ceased his support for the Kyadondo Legislator and People Power.

“I am Ashburg Kato formerly of People Power but now in NRM. As if now I subscribe to the National Resistance Movement. I am here to apologise to President Museveni and promoter Balaam Barugahare for the incessant attacks against them on social media,”Ashburg who was flanked by fellow blogger, Ray Supasta with whom he crossed to NRM said.

In a post on his Facebook, the controversial blogger who has been close to the People Power leader said he had together with his fellow blogger on Monday visited President Museveni’s farm where they were taught about cattle rearing but also presented his proposal to the president.

“After teaching us all the basics of farming and rearing cows, the president gave me five cows and he also gave my other team two cows each. He asked us to implement and teach the farming skills taught to us to our fellow youths.”

While his news was covered extensively and shared massively on social media, there was a huge slash down of Ashburg’s numbers tumbling from 128451 followers to 123,806 followers, a 4651 decline in numbers.

The blogger also had achieved the required limit of 5000 friends but at least 400 people have been knocked off ever since he chose to cross to the yellow party.

In his defence, Kato claimed that the numbers were not going down by default, but due to his choice of blocking ‘noise makers’ from people power.

“So you thought numbers were going down by default? No. Actually yesterday, I blocked more than 3000 Facebook noisemakers and I haven’t felt any decline in my following,’ he said.

“Now they should follow me from fake accounts and feel the sting, I will also not look for them,” he added.

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