Seven-year-old shot dead by gunman who attacked family car in Houston, Texas

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TEXAS, United States of America

A seven year old Texas girl has been shot dead by a driver after firing several shots into a car carrying a family.

Jazmine Barnes 7, died when the driver of a red four-door pickup opened fire in in their family car on Sunday morning carrying Jazmine, three of her sisters and her mother LaPorsha Washington..

Police have launched a man hunt for the suspect.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said the shooting was “totally unprovoked”.

He said: “It’s our belief that it was totally unprovoked, whatever it was, and we’re leaving no stone unturned. We’re going to leave every motive out there as a possibility.

He added: “There was nothing to indicate that the family did anything wrong in any way. They were simply just driving along the service road when this happened to them.”

The suspect is described as a bearded white man, possibly in his 40s.

Ms Washington suffered a gunshot wound to the arm and her six-year-old daughter was injured by shattered glass.

She has set up a gofundme page asking for help to get justice for her daughter and wrote: “Today my little girl named Jazmine Barnes was shot and killed. Her mother and siblings were also shot at.”Unfortunately the life of my 7 yr old little girl was taken selfishly by an unknown suspect. I hope and pray for my family to find peace and justice for our loss.

She added: “I could never imagine the day of losing one of my own children let alone the youngest of my 8 in such a selfish and senseless way. I ask that family or friends that are able to please help and find it in all heart to donate to this go fund me to help with any expenses that our family may need during this tragedy. Rest In Heaven Jazmine our beautiful princess we love you and miss you!