SECURITY: General Mbadi warns Karamojong LDUs against hiring guns to criminals.

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Local Defence Unit (LDU) personnel in Karamoja have been warned against any attempt to hire out guns and uniforms to civilians to use it for committing crimes.

The warning was made by Lt Gen. Wilson Mabdai, the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces on Friday, January 24 while passing out 3,000 LDUs that were undergoing training at Olilim army training school in Katakwi district

“Today we are passing you out your most welcome to the UPDF family but please keep discipline and protect the weapons no gun or Uniform should be hired out to civilians to commit crimes,” he warned.

Brig. Joseph Balikudembe, the 3rd division commander explained that the 3,000 personnel were recruited within the regions under 3rd division that includes Teso, Sebei, Bugisu, Busogo and Karamoja.

Brig. Balukudembe said the personnel had been on training since 19th of September last year and they will be deployed in various army units in Karamoja to help UPDF get rid of resurrecting cattle theft in Karamoja.

Karamoja region over ten years has been peaceful after government carrying on disarmament exercise, but last year the region was thrown into panic when Karimojong resurrected cattle theft.

“You’re going to be deployed in various units in Karamoja and we expect you to apply the same tactics that you have acquired from the training to defeat the cattle theft and protect the country,” Brig Balukudembe said.

The pass out ceremony was attended by officials from Karamoja districts, Teso, Sebei and Bugisu regions.

The recruitment of the LDUs in Karamoja was directed by President Museveni in 2010 after the Karimojong leaders pointed out that recruiting the Karimojong youth in LDU would help to get rid of cattle rustling because they knew the routes of rustler’s army to recruit the reformed Karimojong warriors.

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