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Region on the brink: FRESH Ebola scourge

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40 new cases hit remote areas

The Democratic Republic of Congo is on the brink of an  Ebola outbreak a new report by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicated
These after 29 new cases were reported from 18 to 31 December 2019, in the usually vulnerable North Kivu province. The recorded cases were reported from eight health areas in four health zones: Mabalako , Butembo , Kalunguta , and Katwa . The report highlights three of the four cases reported in Butembo that are linked to a transmission chain of more than 50 people that originated in Aloya Health Area, Mabalako Health Zone. It has been confirmed one individual classified as a relapse case of EVD, infected several other individuals within the family

In just the past 21 days, 40 confirmed cases were reported from 10 health areas within five neighbouring active health zones in North Kivu province. Ebola fears in Congo often spark concern from neighbouring countries and trigger a reaction from authorities. The Ugandan health authorities have in recent months reacted diligently by instilling measures, especially at border points to limit the damage spreading into her borders.  

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