Rapper Ice-T arrested for dodging bridge toll in brand new sports car

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NEW YORK, United States of America

Rapper Ice-T, who plays a police officer on TV, has been arrested for failing to pay a bridge toll as he drove to New York in a brand new sports car.

The star of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit was pulled over after entering the EZPass lane leading to the George Washington Bridge connecting New Jersey and New York.

According to a Port Authority Police spokeswoman said, the rapper was driving a brand new McLaren sports car when he was stopped just before 7am on Wednesday.

The cost of using the bridge during the peak hours of 6am to 10am is $12.50 (£9.75).

The star’s net worth was $40m (£31m) in May 2017, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Ice-T, who is also the frontman of US heavy metal band Body Count, was arrested for theft of services and for not having licence plates and registration by police officers from the New York and New Jersey Port Authority.