Press Release about the Unprofessional Incident At Ishaka Adventist School Of Nursing

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ISHAKA, Uganda

The Ministry of Education and Sports learnt about the unethical behavior that occurred at Ishaka Adventist School of nursing, when a video clip went viral in which students were being caned by the School Authority.

Ministry of Education and Sports condemns this unethical l/unprofessional action, as you are well informed, the Ministry of Education and Sport has a policy that prohibits Corporal punishment at all levels of education and sports.

The Public is here by informed that Ministry of Education and Sports in collaboration with the Ministry of Health is handling this case. A team has been dispatched to the concerned institution to gather more information about the incident. Upon receipt of the report from these investigations, Ministry of Education and Sports together with Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council will take appropriate measures. The Public will be informed of the outcome from investigations and reprimand-.

I remind all education institutionsand providers of education at all levels to adhere to the content of the CIRCULARS NUMBER  15/2006 2/2015: BAN ON CORPORAL PURNISHMENT IN SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES;and BAN ON ALL ACTS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS, INSTITUTIONS AND COLLEGES

Alex Kakooza

Permanent Secretary