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Presidential hopeful Kabuleta: I will win the presidential race with 55%

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Presidential hopeful, Joseph Kabuleta, had said that he will win the forthcoming presidential election race with a 55%.

Kabuleta said that the country is blessed with several raw materials that he has been trying to tap into and now believes that he is better placed to win the presidential race, beating off competition from incumbent President Yoweri Museveni and National Unity Platform’s Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert.

Kabuleta made these remarks while appearing on NBS Television’s Morning Breeze.

Kabuleta said: “I will get 55% because I have got strongholds in areas I did not expect.”

He added: “I am going around the country. There are people who have grown to like me purely because of the issues I am raising. I am not an elitist.”

Asked if he thinks the Electoral Commission (EC) can announce him as the winner at the end of the election process, Kabuleta said that although he has no trust in the EC, he can still win the race and focus on the ‘what ifs’ later.

“We have to go to the elections because there is no better alternative. When you are at campus, and a lecturer hates you because you went for the same girl, you don’t refuse to sit for the exam. You do it and complain later so that another lecturer remarks you,” Kabuleta said.

On fronting one opposition candidate against President Museveni, Kabuleta said that it is better to front more strong candidates against the incumbent than one.

He said: “When opposition unites against Museveni, you are still making him the champion. You have to unite for something,”

“When you have five strong candidates, and the man (Museveni) has to play dirty in all the five areas, you wear him out. That is why it was sad to see Besigye out of the elections. His plan B is something to look out for.”

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