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President urges youth to be change agents of economic transformation

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President Yoweri Museveni has called upon the youth – Bazzukulu – in the
country to use the knowledge they have acquired from school and act as
change agents so as to sensitize their communities on how to adopt to
economic empowerment and transformation.
“With the education I had acquired from high school by the age of fifteen
years, I became a change agent in my area Ankole and because I have been
able to protect my life I have remained exemplary. Even after 60 years now,
I am still able to add value to my society’s life style by teaching people to
transform from keeping indigenous animals to exotic ones,” the President
The President was addressing over 500 youth leaders yesterday (Thursday
16 th January 2020) from Wakiso District at State House, Entebbe in order to
help them forge a way forward towards starting strategic mobilization to
help the population appreciate empowerment and economic
transformational efforts that the Government has put in place for future
societal advancement and development.
President Museveni reminded the Wakiso District youth delegation that
they will not be able to register success in socio-economic and political
fields in the country if they do not subject themselves to good conduct to to
ensure that they are enabled to live longer in order to exhibit exemplary
performance in leadership.
“Good leadership is characterized by transparency, cleanliness and leading
by example without stain,” he added.
Mr. Museveni assured the Bazzukulu that the National Resistance
Movement (NRM) has ensured the implementation of its commitments
since its assumption of political power in 1986.
“It is well documented that NRM hatched its idea of introducing free
education for children from low family background and that policy was
implemented after the national economic recovery programme that was
possible through improved revenue collection,” he added.


He explained that the free education programme had to be addressed
immediately because by 1987 poor education in the country was a terrible
hindrance to people’s livelihood and development. He, therefore, urged the
youth to use the formal school education that they have attained to
oversee and monitor the implementation of government programmes in
education, health and communication, among other sectors.
“Like any level of leadership, you are obliged to report to the authorities
any anomaly that is detected in the development and implementation of
infrastructure. Always support leaders who are pro-national development,”
he added.
Mr. Museveni who lashed out at the opposition leaders, described them as
a menace to the youth livelihood saying that instead of guiding them into
income generating activities, the opposition leaders choose to mislead
young people into opposing the visible successful accomplishments just for
the sake of the selfish intentions of the opposition groups.
In their memorandum that was presented by Kajubi Henry of Kajjansi
Township, the youth from Wakiso District assured the President that the
youth leadership has created zones for focused leadership in the 31 Sub-
Counties in the district.
“The purpose of zoning youth leadership was reached on account of the
high population density of the district,” he said.
The youth leaders revealed that they are ready to change what is perceived
as opposition centres in Central Region into ‘youth together’ areas using
several youth groups including the Ghetto youth group. Mr. Kajubi
commended the role played by Wakiso RDC, Ms. Ruth Kirabira and her
team for mobilizing the youth.

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