President Museveni delivers on his promise.

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Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has kept his word by donating half of his salary to fight Coronavirus as he promised.

First Lady Hon Janet Museveni handing over the dummy Cheque to the Prime Minister Rt Hon Dr Ruhakana Rugunda and the Chairman of the National Response Fund Mr Emmanuel Katongole as Bishop Joshua Lwere looks on.Photo by Ronald Kabuubi/KMA Updates.

The dummy  cheque was delivered by the first lady Janet Museveni to the Prime Minister Rt Hon. Dr Ruhakana Rugunda.

A few minutes later, she unveiled Cash to him.

First Lady Hon Janet Museveni looks on after handing over the dummy Cheque to the Prime Minister Rt Hon Dr Ruhakana Rugunda.Ronald Kabuubi/KMA Updates.


Mrs Dorothy Kisaka,the Administrator and Secretary of the National Response to Covid 19 Fund displays the dummy Cheque.Ronald Kabuubi/KMA Updates.

Museveni said he would commit part of his Shs3.6 million monthly salary to the fight against further spread of coronavirus in Uganda.
While updating Ugandans on government efforts in the fight against the spread of the virus pandemic which has wreaked global havoc, Mr Museveni in a televised address, said he would take a pay cut and donate part of his salary to the National COVID-19 Response Fund led by Minister in Charge of General Duties, Mary Karooro Okurut.

“You remember your people normally pay me some little money. They pay me Shs3.6 million. NRM takes about 20 percent. On the other remaining Shs2.7 million, I will instruct Janet to sign Shs1.4 million each month to the Fund. Janet is the one who receives that money. I never follow up that…,” Mr Museveni said in response to a question from a Ugandan who asked why public servants have not committed their salaries to the fight against the virus, like the case was in other African countries.

Uganda has registered 79 confirmed cases of the virus with 52 recoveries.
Nigerian lawmakers, Rwandan top civil servants, Kenya’s top government officials and more recently Malawi’s cabinet have committed their salaries to the COVID-19 fight.
In Rwanda, politicians and top civil servants agreed to donate their April salaries to welfare programmes to help the poor cope with the economic impact of the coronavirus.
Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente said the salary sacrifice would show “solidarity” with the people, who have been under a tough lockdown and strict curbs on freedoms to contain the spread of the virus.

A happy Museveni said he was paid sh3.6 million per month as president of Uganda and his wife, Janet takes most of it. He explained that 20 per cent of the pay goes to the NRM Secretariat.

“I will ask Mama Janet to give 50 per cent of my salary to the taskforce.”

After Museveni who speaks in tongue in cheek offered part of his salary, he turned to civil servants and asked them to give up a part of their pay

“You have heard, the people are asking. We can collect some money from here.”

Uganda has about 500,000 people in the civil service.

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