President Museveni meets UN Sec. Gen.’s envoy for Horn of Africa

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Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has received and held a meeting with Mr. Parfait Onanga Anyanga, who is Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary General in Charge of the Horn of Africa.

During the meeting that took place today (Saturday 30th November 2019) at State House, Nakasero, the President and his guest discussed issues related to working closely with the UN and leaders in the region.

President Museveni told the Envoy that there it is important for African countries to forge integration of the continent to ensure that the African continent assumes absolute economic competition with the rest of the world.

“This ideology with its strategic plans can be a solution for continental economic transformation based on three elements; patriotism, nationalism and multilateralism,” he stressed.

He informed his guest that Ugandans have started to wake up economically, whereby production is taking up large quantities so that prices of goods are determining on the basis of market forces.

Mr. Museveni emphasized the necessity of continental politics to take shape on the basis of constructive ideology backed by institutions for Pan-Africanism to ensure forward movement.

Regarding the situation in the region President Museveni and the envoy urged leaders in South Sudan to grasp the essence of the element of peace so that they move towards distillation of their political ideology to ensure that their country charts a course of development for the benefit of the population. ENDS

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