President makes reshuffles in EC ahead of general elections

President makes reshuffles in EC ahead of general elections

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Kampala, Uganda — On Tuesday the entire Electoral Commission (EC) administration was thrown into panic when President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni directed the immediate removal of nine top officials from office.

The President telephoned EC chairman Justice Simon Byabakama and asked him to notify the affected seniors managers to leave office.

They are expected to hand over their offices on today.

What prompted Museveni to kick out these officials deemed loyal and hardworking in such electioneering period remains unknown.

It is alleged that yesterday early morning state house issued a knifing letter to EC headquarters and the Public Service Commission ordering them to make an immediate effect of replacing Rwakoojo with Richard Kamugisha the current head of field operations at the Electoral Commission.

The applicants challenged the legality of Rwakoojo’s contract on-premise that he had served beyond the statutory five years term contrary to section 5(3) (a) of the (EC) Act amended in 2010.

However, Electoral Commission lawyers Kiryowa Kiwanuka and Usaama Sebuufu from K&K Advocates argued that the amendment of the Electoral Commission Act of 2010 did not retrospectively affect Rwokoojo’s existing contract after it was extended in 2009.

Rwakoojo was appointed in 2001, a position he has continuously occupied. The contract was later revised in 2009 for another five years, upon expiry of the contract it was again extended in 2014.  Now the chase out letter came in when his contract had since been extended again from 2019 to 2024.

Uganda is expected to go to polls in 2021 in what is expected to be a tight elections.

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