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President commends Japan for support to development projects

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President Yoweri Museveni has met and held discussions with a visiting
3-member delegation of the Japanese House of Councillors, led by Mr.
Takashi Uto.
The delegation is in Uganda to assess the progress and impact of the
Japanese funded development projects in the country such as the
Queen’s Way Sub-Station in Kampala, Jinja Highway Bridge and various
agricultural undertakings, among others.
During the meeting that took place last evening at State House
Entebbe, President Museveni warmly welcomed the delegation to
Uganda and expressed gratitude to the Government of Japan for the
support and cooperation with Uganda in a diversity of development
areas in the country.
The President used the occasion to re-emphasize the need for better
trade opportunities like market access, investment and tourism as
opposed to Aid if Africa is to benefit from the cooperation. “Aid is good
but it is better with trade access,” he said.
The President extended an invitation to more Japanese companies,
especially those with technological base as well as capital, to invest not
only in Uganda but in other African countries saying that with the
growing population on the continent, those companies will have ready
markets for their products.
While hailing other countries, such as the United States of America and
China, among others, for doing business with Africa, the President told
the Japanese delegation that by investing in Uganda and Africa in
general, the Japanese entrepreneurs will not only be empowering the
economies and causing development on the African continent, but the


Japanese products will also be able to have unfettered access to the
markets on the continent.
Mr. Takashi Uto, leader of the delegation, thanked President Museveni
for his time and expressed happiness with the progress of the Japanese
supported projects in Uganda that they have so far visited. He said that
Japan is looking forward to continued cooperation and working with
Uganda in a diversity of areas of interest.
The Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Hon. Vincent
Sempijja and that of Works and Transport, Hon. Katumba Wamala,
among other government officials, attended the meeting.

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