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POLITICS:Uganda’s MP Odonga Otto in fistfight with Antony Akol at parliament.

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Aruu County member of parliament Odonga Otto and his Kilak North County part Anthony Akol were on Thursday afternoon embroiled in a bitter argument that ended in a physical fistfight.

The fight happened within parliament premises in the pigeon hall lobby that is never accessed by journalists.

It is not yet clear what could have caused the two legislators to engage in a fistfight as means of debate, but sources maintain that they disagreed over a debate on Amuru land compensation.

“Akol told Otto of how he had some land in Amuru in which he was compensated by for by the government at the tune of Shs600m. However, over the weekend, Otto went to Amuru and made the issue public, telling Akol’s constituents that their MP had cashed Shs600m,” a source claims.

Infuriated by this, Akol on meeting Otto, yanked him off the ground and started pummeling his head.

“Akol started punching Otto on the head, Otto grabbed a chair to hit Akol before they were separated by MPs; Lyandro Komakech and Francis Mwijukye.”

MP Otto has been rushed to hospital by the parliament ambulance to seek medical attention. The two will be required to record a statement later on.

This is the second time MPs are engaging in a fistfight at parliament. In september 2017 Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga and Ayivu county MP Benard Atiku fought after Abiriga reportedly insulted Atiku as stupid for having called him a Congolese national.

According to Abiriga, Atiku called him a Congolese national during one of the Onduparaka FC football matches. The two were separated by parliament police.

The Amuru land issue is a contentious one and has been a source of conflict for the last decade and over.

The land, which is located south of the Zoka Forest in Amuru District, Acholi sub-region, and approximately 130Kms north-west of Gulu Town became subject of dispute when Madhvani Group tried to secure at least 10000 hectares to establish a sugar factory in the north.

Otto has time and again accused politicians of involving in under able cut deals with Madhvani and government to push for the take over of the said land.

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