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POLITICS: “Ugandans will protect me”, Bobi Wine scoffs at govt’s plan to provide him with security

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Uganda’s most influential Member of Parliament representing Kyadondo East, Robert Kyagulanyi well known as Bobi Wine has scoffed at the government’s offer to give him security saying that Ugandans will protect him.

This was shortly after Obiga Kania, the minister of state for Internal Affairs told the Parliamentary Committee of Defence and Internal Affairs that Bobi Wine is an asset and, therefore, he must be protected.

“It is the duty of security right now to see where Bobi Wine is. Whether they do it overtly or covertly, they must do it because Bobi Wine is an asset in this country. when he reaches the point of nomination that is when the IGP will come in and say now “you must be surrounded with this security, you cannot sleep in such and such a place,” Kania earlier said.

However, while meeting his supporters at his home in Magere on Saturday, January 25, the legislator said that probably the government intends to offer him security like the one they offered his driver Yasin Kawuma, who was shot in Arua in August 2018.

“I saw them saying that Bobi Wine will be given security by force, whether he wants it or not. You want to give me the security you gave Abiriga? You want to give me the same security that you gave the late Kirumira? Joan Kagezi? Did you give me the said security and it started with Yasin Kawuma?” Bobi Wine said.

He added that “You have a minister who can even call the President but she is also crying that they want to kill her. I have not heard them talking about giving her security.”

Bobi Wine also warned the government if it is planning to attack him, saying that Ugandans would rise to protect him.

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