Police clashes with Youths in Kampala during their elections

Police clashes with Youths in Kampala during their elections

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Village youth council members in different parts of the country on Monday gathered at different polling stations to vote for new leaders.

Kampala Central Division

Jafar Muhammed of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) has defeated National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate Ali Mayanja to the position of youth chairperson in Munno B village, located at Arua Park in Kampala Central Division.

The returning officer, Lillian Nakku, declared Muhammed winner with 11 votes followed by Mayanja with five votes.

She also declared NUP’s Aminah Inzikuru winner of the female youth secretary slot for the same village.

However, the whole exercise was marred by chaos. A group of youth attempted to take part in the elections despite the fact that their names were not on the village voters register.

The Police later intervened when a fight ensued between NUP and NRM supporters.

After the voting exercise, both factions claimed victory and started jubilating by carrying their favourite candidates on their shoulders as they sang their respective party slogans.

However, NUP youth rejected the results for the chairperson, citing malpractices.

On social distancing, the registrar tried her level best to ensure everyone wears a mask and keep distance but the youth declined to comply.

Kawempe Division

In Nabukalu Zone, Kawempe Division, the turn-up of the voters was moderate at the polling station. Two contestants – Asuman Sseruwajji from NUP and Ashraf Ssempaka (independent) vied for the position of chairperson. 

The process was going on smoothly until some of the youth who wanted to vote found out that they were not in the register. 

This sparked a fight between the two parties, which prompted the Police to arrest some of the people who had started the fight. 

Sseruwajji was declared the winner after his competitor decided to run away from the polling station with his supporters.

According to Shamim Mulagguussi who was in charge of voting, some of the people wanted to vote yet their names did not appear in the voters’ register. 

“This is one of the reasons that sparked off the fight among the supporters of the two parties,” she revealed.

Rubaga Division

Elections for youth chairperson in Sendawula Zone, Rubaga Division started with the Electoral Commission officials closing Mackay Road to leave space for the election process that was carried out in the middle of the road.

In the race were two candidates, including Andrew Nyakana, a member of the National Unity Platform, and Reagan Tamale of the National Resistance Movement.

The process started with the polling officials briefing the electorates on the qualifications one needed to participate. On top of that, COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were also outlined to people.

Gladys Mbabazi, the presiding officer, read out the register in order to ensure that only those listed were eligible to vote.

Andrew Nyakana, a member of National Unity Platform, won with 65 votes while his only opponent, Reagan Tamale, got five votes

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