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Police clash with People Power supporters in Hoima

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Police in Hoima city is currently in running battles with Hoima citizens as pressures mount. Citizens are demanding the immediate release of Hoima West People Power aspirant Aguuda Moses who was arrested on Sunday evening together with other five members.
These were first driven to an unknown location and later the people power group learnt that they were being held at Hoima Central police station.

The social media demands did not yield enough and yesterday a group of demonstrators made a protest that lasted several hours. It was today morning that the residents put up a strong resistance that invited issuing of teargas and police patrols have been roaming all over the town.

Aguuda Moses’s arrest is not yet known but as things stand right now, he has been arrested because of donning a people power overall and red beret plus waving the people power flag whenever he walks around the Hoima streets.

The people of Hoima have vowed not to bow down until their leader, the champion of the poor is released. We shall keep you posted.

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