Philippine senator shrugs off police killing of three-year-old girl in drug raid

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MANILA, Philippines

The war on drugs in the Asian state of Philippines has seen hundreds of innocent victims being slaughtered including a three year old girl whose death a former police general describes as “s*** happens”.

According to Senator Ronald dela Rosa, who once led the crackdown that has killed thousands of mostly urban poor drug users and peddlers, he asserted that “collateral damage” was inevitable in police operations.

His statement comes just days after the gun down of a three-year-old girl named Myka Ulpina in a residential area in the town of Rodriguez, Rizal, east of Manila.

According to police, the child was used as a human shield by her father, a suspected drug dealer who opened fire on them when they tried to arrest him.

Both were gunned down along with another civilian and a police officer.

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