Patient with ‘Ebola-like symptoms’ in Kenya

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A woman with symptoms “similar to those exhibited by Ebola patients” is being treated in an isolation ward in a hospital in the west of Kenya. she was exhibiting symptoms such as fever, headache, joint pains, sore throat and vomiting.

According to a statement from Kericho County Referral Hospital, the staff took all necessary precautions and made sure that “there was minimal contact between the patient and other persons.

Further, the statement adds that the patients blood samples have been taken and results are expect within the next 24 hours.

Health officials have advised its citizens to report any case of Ebola related systems and must ensure that they keep their personal hygiene at all times.

They have also assured the public that all steps are being taken to ensure their safety and they emphasise that Ebola-like symptoms can be a feature of several other conditions.

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