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Panic in Lake Victoria as Migingo Island Starts Sinking

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Over the past years, occupant of Migingo island in Lake Victoria have seen it all, from Ugandan troops invasion to attack from Lake animals. But what they are experiencing right now is by far the worst and it is making everybody worried.

With the continued heavy rainfalls being experienced in the entire East African region, the level of lake water has risen to several meters above the initial level.

With this increase in water quantity,lake Victoria has been characterized by unpredictable water patterns and strong wave currents. The worst hit victims of these changes has been with no doubt, the Migingo occupants.

According to a source, all dhows which were docked at the shores of the island and of which as a matter of fact, the only means of transportation to and from the island has been washed away by these strong waves making it impossible for them to leave the island.

The structures at the lower parts of the island have also been destroyed and covered into the rising water levels, forcing everyone in the island to squeeze to the higher grounds.

But the question is,for how long will they survive there with this rate at which the rain continues to rain? It is only a matter of time before the majority of Migingo island’s lands is under water.

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