Pakistan captures Indian Pilot

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Security personnel in Pakistan’s controlled area off Kashmir have gunned down a fighter jet from India and detained its pilot.

Videos circulating on social media circulated showed the pilot identified as Wing Commander Abhinandan blindfolded and with blood on his face. In the Same footage, the pilot was heard asking for water.

Later footage emerged when he [Abhinandan] had cleaned up, was not blindfolded and was being questioned about his duties while having a cup of tea. However, the Indian Pilot refused to spill out the secrets of his mission.

It is alleged that the video was shared by Pakistan’s Information Ministry who later deleted it.

Responding to his arrest, the Indian government described the footage as a “vulgar display of an injured personnel,” and ordered for the immediate release of their pilot.

Pakistan has not yet responded.

For decades, the two neighboring South Asian countries have had intense tensions especially when it came to the control of Kashmir where both governments claim control. Though currently being controlled by Pakistan, the Indian government has not recognized Kashmir as a Pakistani territory.