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Outgoing MPs receive tips on life outside Parliament

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Members of Parliament will have opportunity to live differently after expiry of their term of office following training on life outside Parliament.

Speaker Of the Ugandan Parliament Rt.Hon.Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga (R) awards Hon. Jalia Bintu for her long Service.

The Rebecca Kadaga Institute of Parliamentary Studies has organized a two day seminar where outgoing MPs of the 10th Parliament will receive tips ranging from the financial, social and management sectors.

Speaker Of the Ugandan Parliament Rt.Hon.Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga.

Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga who officiated at the opening of the seminar said this is an opportunity for the outgoing MPs to pick ideas on how to live once they have left the House.

Speaker Of the Ugandan Parliament Rt.Hon.Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga.

 “The seminar is to celebrate our achievements as the 10th Parliament and also prepare MPs for life after Parliament. In the past it, was just a dinner and dance and everyone leaves but we needed to continue bonding, looking out for each other as we settle down,” Kadaga said.

Hon. Cecilia Ogwal Atim was recognised for her long Service.

She added that in the 11th Parliament, the seminars will be continuous to equip the members for life thereafter.

Hon Jalia Bintu was recognised for her long Service.

“I congratulate the Members of the 10th Parliament for the service you have rendered during the last five years; we have achieved so many Bills and legislations, worked on many budgets and loans,” she said.

Ms. Helen Nanteza Kawesa,the Assistant Director,Communications,Parliament Of Uganda.

The Speaker was pleased with Members for having devoted their time and experience to the country and causing an impact.

“Is it possible to have a life after Parliament? Yes definitely there is life after Parliament.  What is the characteristic of life after Parliament? Life will be different,” she said adding that, ‘you don’t have a programme like attending committee meetings and plenary as you have been. You need to find ways to navigate this new life so that we are able to live comfortably,” Kadaga added.

Hon Oduman advised the MPs to accept the situation of being outside parliament

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