One pilot, Four Americans die in plane crash

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Authorities in Kenya’s North West have said that four American citizens and one Kenyan pilot have perished in a plane crash.

Authorities identified the pilot as Captain Mario Magonga while the identity of the American citizens is unknown.

 Local media reported that the “plane came down at around 17:00 GMT on Sunday in the Central Island National Park in Lake Turkana,”

The cause of the accident is also unknown as authorities carry out further investigations.

A few weeks ago, a light fixed-wing craft came down in a forest in Kericho in the Rift Valley, killing all five people on board.

Known for its tourist sites, the Central Island alias Crocodile Island is composed of more than dozen crates and cones three of which are filled by small lakes. The island is also known to have a great variety of birds and a significant flock of flamingoes. In 1997, it was put on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Site.