Oliver Mtukudzi, Zimbabwe’s Afro-jazz legend, dies

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HARARE, Zimbabwe

Oliver Mtukudzi, one of Zimbabwe’s most renowned musicians, has died aged 66 after a four-decade career.

Known for his lyrics that often carried educative messages about stigmas like HIV/Aids and coded political commentary , he rose to limelight in the 1970’s as one of the voices of the revolution fighting white minority rule.

In 2001, he wrote a song called Wasakara meaning “You are too old,” and was banned from playing on the airwaves because at the time, it was seen as a reference to leader Robert Mugabe, who was ousted 16 years later aged 93.

The singer and guitarist mixed several different styles to create his own distinctive Afro-jazz sound, known to his fans as “Tuku Music”.

In a long career he released 67 albums and toured the world.