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NIGERIA: Twitter suspends Kemi Olunloyo’s account for supporting SARS, fans rejoice

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My account was not suspended- Kemi Olunloyo fights back

Celebrity journalist and acclaimed investigative reporter, Dr Kemi Olunloyo may have offended a lot of Anti-Sars protesters, as her Twitter account was recently suspended, after a series of reports from Twitter users. Ever since the #EndSars campaign started on social media, Kemi Olunloyo has been one of a few celebrities who believed the protest to end Sars, was a waste of time. She had told whoever cared to listen, that SARS would never be disbanded, rather they will be reformed. These assertions of her never went down with a lot of people. And then, they started reporting her to twitter. Twitter, after receiving a series of petitions against her, finally suspended her account. “We appreciate your help in improving everyone’s experience on Twitter. Your reports within the past one hour would help make this a safer and better place. Accounts you reported: #ReformSars: @Dr. Kemi Olunloyo” Twitter, social media giants wrote on their account. Twitter users celebrate Kemi’s account suspension.. It was celebration galore for most Nigerian Twitter users, when they woke up to the news that Kemi Olunloyo’s Twitter account has been suspended. Most of them made their happiness known.. @UnclePamilerin tweeted: “Twitter suspended Dr Kemi Olunloyo account….2020 wasn’t a bad year after all”

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@KingLamarr tweeted: “Twitter suspended Dr Kemi Olunloyo account…I feel like doing giveaway right now.” @Majesty_Kinz tweeted: “No rest for the wicked lol..Dr Kemi Olunloyo account has been suspended. Means God is really with us in this fight. GLOOORREEEYY!!! Kemi Olunloyo fights back. Probably trying to peg back people’s celebration over her Twitter account suspension, Dr Kemi Olunloyo made a tweet on the same account that was claimed to be suspended. She Tweeted: “Nigerians FOCUS! Use your negative energy to fight Buhari. Join us @RevolutionNowNg with @YeleSowore. Massively hit up that Hash tag like #EndSARS. I see your joy on my Twitter account suspended. It WASN’T. I OWN SM and control you. I just gave you social distancing overnight.” Not done yet, the America based reporter tweeted again. “@TwitterSupport DIDN’T suspend my account. I haven’t broken Twitter rules. How can a country full of lies hate 1 person? You reported me over 5000 times and they sent me critical ones. List of criminal youth elements, shut down SM during uprising are examples. I’m a JOURNALIST duh.” Kemi fired.

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