NGO offers job to Kenya’s best teacher Brother Peter Tabichi

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The Varkey Foundation a global charitable foundation focused on improving the standards of education for underprivileged children has appointed Kenya’s best teacher Brother Peter Tabichi as a champion for children caught up in conflicts.

Mr. Tabichi a math and physics teacher from a semi-arid village of Pwani won the a $1m prize (£760,000) after being voted the world’s best teacher. He gave away most of his earnings to the poor and tutored students on the weekends.

The prize was set up by the Varkey Foundation to shine a spotlight on teaching at a moment when there is a severe global teacher shortage

In a statement, the charity said that Mr. Tabichi, will promote the cause of 75 million children globally, whose learning is cut short by conflicts and natural disasters.

It added that his story is an “inspiring story” and powerful voice will help raise the urgency on the world stage to invest in the future of girls and boys left behind in crisis,”

The Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta praised Brother Tabichi for his good deeds and described him as “A shining example of what the human spirit can achieve, not just for Kenya, not just for Africa but for the world,”

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