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New coronavirus outbreak in China causes concern for a second wave

New coronavirus cases are popping up in China, causing authorities to fear a second wave of COVID-19

Fears are spreading of a second coronavirus wave sweeping through China as new cases with untraced origins are popping up in different provinces.

These new cases being detected come right after the Chinese government officially stated that all regions in the country are at a medium risk of infection. Now, China’s national health commission officially reported 17 new cases, its second day of double-digit rises and the highest number in the last two weeks.

Just this past Sunday, Chinese authorities reclassified the city of Shulan in the Jilin province to ‘high risk’. Three people were found to have the virus Shulan, bringing the city’s total case count to 12. In response to these now new cases, Chinese authorities have ordered the closure of all public places in Shulan city, which includes places such as sports facilities, cinemas, restaurants, libraries and more.