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Namibia Presidency-Opposition Leader, McHenry Venaani is ill-placed to lecture President Dr Hage G. Geingob on Governance

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Opposition Leader, McHenry Venaani is ill-placed to lecture President Dr Hage G. Geingob on Governance. President Hage G. Geingob has a long and illustrious track record in championing sustainability of state institutions through emphasis on processes and systems as the hallmarks of Effective Governance. No amount of political gimmicks are a substitute for Effective Governance, which requires respect for Constitutionality and Rule of Law. As part of entrenching Effective Governance, President Geingob has always maintained an open-door policy to all sectors of the country. This is consistent with the clarion call of « No one should feel left out ». It is regrettable that the Leader of the Official Opposition, in attempts at self-elevation always seeks to claim easy victories and clumsy publicity by grafting the name of the President in public statements in the form of open letters and social media comments, of which the letter dated 31 March 2021 is nothing but another sorry demonstration of an attention-seeking and lightweight approach to opposition politics. Unsurprisingly, through sheer hypocrisy, Honourable Venaani only addresses the President through direct correspondence when it comes to matters pertaining to his benefits as Leader of the Official Opposition. Within the framework of Effective Governance, President Geingob will continue to act decisively and dutifully against corrupt activities, based on the clear understanding that corruption deprives Namibians of service delivery. It is not a lesson President Geingob will wait to receive from Hon. McHenry Venaani, who has scant exposure to governance.Honourable Venaani, as he apparently purports to be, should not be worried about the legacy of a freedom fighter, founding Director of UNIN, Founding Prime Minister and now the third President of the Republic of Namibia. As the El Commandate, Fidel Castro said in 1953, “La historia me absolverá”(History will absolve me). President Geingob is not concerned about accolades, but entirely focused on the strategic task of serving all Namibians to the best of his ability and in line with the oath of office as enshrined in the Namibian Constitution. During this difficult period of Covid-19, the concern of the President is to steer the Namibian ship towards safety, protecting the health of Namibians and their socio-economic livelihoods. It is a mission, which President Geingob and the Government he leads will carry out with dexterity.

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