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Museveni was misunderstood by traders- Amellia kyambadde

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Uganda’s  Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde has condemned the act of  security agencies  beating up  people on the Streets  of Kampala on Thursday morning.

This followed President Museveni’s announcement of a 14-day ban on public transport vehicles such  as Public taxis, buses and boda boda to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus after the country registered five more cases, bringing the number to 14.

Kyambadde  said that the Police,Local Defence Unit and the army  misinterpreted the presidential directives on banning public transport in the face of the corona virus pandemic.

On Thursday, police and army officers accompanied by LDU personnel were seen beating up people in markets and on the road for purportedly disobeying the directive.

But Ms Kyambadde expressed displeasure with reports that some people were being beaten up from their shops and markets contrary to the presidential directives.

 “Police are not supposed to close alcohol depots or shops. Bars are the ones that should close because that is where people converge. We have no problem with people buying alcohol and taking it with them to their homes,” she said.

“There has been a misinterpretation of this directive. I have been told that restaurants, arcades, salons, shops, supermarkets are being closed. That’s wrong. They should continue to operate as long as they are not in food markets,” the minister added.

Kyambadde also  ordered Shops  found outside markets to be opened immediately.  The president was misunderstood.“The president meant Shops within in the markets not outside”She said.

Her remarks come as public anxiety grows over the likely effects of coronavirus on the economy. With many offices and businesses closed, there is concern that many people will lose their jobs should this crisis persists.

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