Museveni warns journalists over fake reports on youth elections results

Museveni warns journalists over fake reports on youth elections results

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President Museveni has accused the National Resistance Movement (NRM) political elite of neglecting the Ghetto youth.

The President also warned media houses that are spreading false information about the real results of the recently completed youth elections. The President said that it is a shame that most media houses reported that the opposition overwhelmingly won those elections.

Museveni insisted that all statistics prove that the ruling party, NRM won these elections.

In his address to the party delegates ahead of the release of results of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) elections, Museveni noted that the NRM political elite have on several occasions failed many NRM programs as well as attempted to fault him for his approach of valuing everybody and meeting the ghetto youth.

“The youth are not a problem, the youth and the low income people have been ignored by the elite of NRM both at national and local level. The people they call ghetto are part of our group which we started with way back in the 60’s who were then called ‘Abawejjere’,” Museveni said.

Museveni said that when he was a student leader, he looked for the said group who were mainly Baganda who had not joined the Kabaka Yekka party but had joined UPC who still neglected them.

Museveni noted that it is so regrettable that after the bush war, the NRA leadership didn’t carry out a systematic follow up on the group.

“I looked for the group but was attacked by the NRM structures who complained that I was by-passing them (the structures) yet they had neglected these people,” Museveni said.

The party Chairman noted that his Concentration on the ghetto youths has indeed paid off adding that that’s why NRM triumphed over Kampala in the recent Youth elections on grass root level – structures that enemies sought to capture and use against Uganda.

“According to the statistics I have, Kampala had 817 positions of which NRM won 411 positions, 129 were Independents while other groups secured 277 positions,” Museveni said.

The President thus warned the NRM elites to avoid politics of elitism noting that this is not the NRM method of work.

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