Museveni eyes for a public university in Busoga

Museveni eyes for a public university in Busoga

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The government has resolved to set up a public University in Busoga Sub-region.

This has been revealed by President Museveni while addressing residents of Busoga in Jinja where he had this afternoon gone to tour the Nytil textile industry.

He said the University will have its base in the Eastern district of Iganga District.

He said other districts in Busoga will have constituency universities handling specialized courses.

“We want to develop a Marine College in Uganda like that one in Mombasa and I want it to be in Namasagali in Kamuli district  because of the river in the area and we shall call it Marine University College,’’ he said.

He said structures of the defunct Busoga University would help provide a springboard to start the public University given by the government.

President Museveni said the government has for long been yearning to take over assets of the defunct Busoga University for the public University but there were some issues which had to be sorted out.

Museveni said the issues which had been a stumbling block to the takeover of the assets have now been resolved.

“I instructed a committee composed of religious leaders, to work on the handover, I saw the letters, it is now ready, the government is ready to move in , I think the issues may have been resolved ,’’ he said.

President Museveni who is also the NRM national Chairman has meanwhile called on party leaders to avoid politics of violence.

Museveni said those seeking leadership positions should conduct their campaigns peacefully.

He calls on the NRM members to embrace dialogue where there are disputes and disagreements noting that the most important thing is implementing the NRM manifesto.

At national level, the president has vowed to crush anyone attempting to destabilize Kampala, saying the government has enough capacity to deal with such.

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