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MTN Uganda introduce new offers to help in the awareness COVID-19

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Last week, MTN announced a number of offers including zero-rating Mobile Money transactions to the tune of shs30,000. This offer has now been updated to include Mobile Money transactions of any amount.

For 30-days, customers can now send any amount of money every day to other MTN MoMo customers free of charge.  The offer comes alongside a day-time data bundle that is enabling Ugandans to stay on-line and work from home. Customers get 1GB of data at just Ushs. 2,000 valid between 9 am and 5 pm

MTN noted that these offers are designed to reduce the risk of transmission by providing the physical exchange of currency notes.

MTN is also supporting the government’s sensitization drive-by availing UGX 500 million in cash and free media space (radio, tv, social media, SMS, and call center IVR platform) to promote the Ministry of Health’s sensitization messages.

To facilitate the flow of information, MTN Uganda has zero-rated Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO) websites, so that the public can access information about the virus at no charge. They include;,, and

MTN Uganda has further enhanced its Mobile Money offer to allow Ugandans to now send any amount of Mobile Money, at no cost for the next 30 days in a move to minimize the physical exchange of paper money.

MTN Uganda noted that the offer is meant to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 that has paralyzed life across the world.

Alongside the offer, the company also launched a data bundle that is enabling customers to work from home. Dubbed ‘work from home’, the data bundle is meant to promote the concept of ‘social distancing’ while reducing the anticipated negative impact that limited movement and contact between people, may have on both the economic and social fabric of our society.

The ‘work from home’ data bundle can be accessed through Mobile Money by dialing *165*19# or through the MyMTN app.

“This is an extraordinary time, a time when as MTN we need to stand up and be counted on to do the right thing,” said Wim Vanhelleputte, the MTN Uganda CEO.

“MTN is committed to continue working with the government, to reduce the impact and disruption that this pandemic is having on the lives of Ugandans. Working closely with the Ministry of Health, MTN Uganda has committed its media assets including radio, SMS, social media, call center and continues to implement various precautionary measures to drive awareness among the public to protect themselves,” Wim further commented.

MTN Uganda also made Ushs. 500 million available, to facilitate various government endeavors to equip and facilitate various efforts to prevent, manage and curb the spread of Covid-19 in Uganda.

Launched in 1998, MTN is the leading communications operator in Uganda, offering Mobile and Fixed telecommunications, Mobile Money services and internet service provision, as at 31st December 2018, MTN Uganda has recorded 11.2 million subscribers across Uganda.

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