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MTN Senkyu FAQs.

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What is MTN Senkyu

MTN Senkyu is the new loyalty program from MTN where customers are rewarded for being on MTN and for using MTN for calling, sending messages, mobile interne and for MTN MoMo.


How do I activate MTN Senkyu?

To activate MTN Senkyu, dial *141# and select Join

You can also activate using the MyMTN App.


How much is it to use MTN Senkyu?

MTN Senkyu is absolutely free. MTN is saying thank you to all its loyal customers for their support.


Who can use MTN Senkyu?

Any MTN customer can sign up for the service from anywhere at any time. Just dial *141# and select Join or use the MyMTN App


How do I get MTN Senkyu points?

After signing up for MTN Senkyu, simply use any of the MTN voice, data, messaging or MoMo services and you will earn points.


What can I get with MTN Senkyu?

With MTN Senkyu, you can get free voice minutes, MBs, SMS or you can also use it to pay using MTN MoMopay at any merchant.


How do I use my MTN Senkyu points?

To use your MTN Senkyu points dial *141# and and select Redeem Points then follow the prompts.


When can I use my MTN Senkyu points?

You can use your MTN Senkyu points at any time provided you have sufficient points.


How do I check if I have enough MTN Senkyu points?

To check how many points, you have dial *141# and select option 3 Check Points.

Sharing MTN Senkyu points is free.


How long do my MTN Senku points last?

Your MTN Senkyu points are valid for 3 months and will expire if unused for that period


Is there a limit to how many MTN Senkyu points I can have on my number?

You can have as many MTN Senkyu points as you want.

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