Mnangagwa’s government and Mugabe’s Clash over burial site

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HARARE, Zimbabwe

Mugabe,95, died on Friday at a Singapore hospital and his remains will be flown to Harare on Wednesday night. He will be taken to his Kutama home in Mashonaland West for night vigil.

However, a disagreement has emerged between the family of former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and government over his preferred burial site 

The government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa has planned a national funeral at National Stadium on Saturday in Harare.

Whereas the family on the other hand is of the opinion that the nonagenarian is laid to rest at his Kutama home, President Mnangagwa is pushing to have him buried at Heroes Square near Harare.

Until Monday, an official agreement had not been reached between the family and President Mnangagwa, who served as his deputy before being installed as president after a coup in 2017.

“The traditional chiefs will bury him on Sunday, where I don’t know,” Leo Mugabe told AFP news agency on Monday.

If Mr Mugabe is buried at his rural home, it would represent a final snub to the comrades he believed betrayed him, the BBC’s Shingai Nyoka in Harare says.

Mr Leo Mugabe, his nephew, had earlier on claimed that the former president died a bitter man, arguing that he was unhappy with the coup plotters, who were his long-time allies.

“Imagine people you trusted – people that were guarding you, looking after you –

against you,” Leo Mugabe said.

“He was very bitter and it dented his legacy,” he told the BBC from his uncle’s rural home.”It was not an easy thing for him to take,” he added.

Just like Mugabe, most heroes who fought against white minority rule, are buried at the Heroes Square in Harare as a show of respect and appreciation.

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