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Million Trees National Initiative Uganda, MTNi-Ug have kicked off the national action campaigns by planting trees at the Bushenyi District Local Government headquarters and clearing up rubbish along the Bushenyi-Ishaka Road and Bushenyi Health Centre IV

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The police in the town have also joined in on the action rather than sabotaging it.

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The activists have emphasized the importance of planting medicinal and fruit trees in order to ensure a long and healthy future.

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They have set a target to raise green forestry by 9% today and 50% in the future.We cannot exclude environmental justice from social justice and the Bushenyi chapter are encouraging us all to work together to build a world that is secure, clean, and sustainable for everyone.

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This is also a wake-up call for police officers around the country to join in on such constructive reform instead of engaging in violence.

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