Mayor of Mogadishu Meets with Public MotorVehicles Operators and Bajaj Drivers

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The Mayor  of Mogadishu, Hon Abdirahman Omar Osman, has met with Public Motor Vehiclesand Bajaj Operators that routinely operate in the capital.

The Mayor has said that public transport motor-vehicles that operate in the City remain essential to Somali society especially those of lower income communities who generate their daily break from such activities.

“Anything that may hurt them can no longer be tolerated”. He added. While asking them to observe the existing rules and co-operate with security agents.

“Banadir Region Administration is committed to listening to its people while observing their problems, working on their desires and looking for a solution out of that and that is exactly why we invited you today to this meeting to get a solution for your complaints and for you to observe the existing rules” notes the Mayor

The Mayor pointed out that its very crucial to find solutions that affect motor vehicle operators especially during working hours. This he said, will improve the relationship between the government officials and motor vehicle operators, and also make it easy for them to comply with law bodies especially tax payers. Paying Taxes he adds will enable government provide better infrastructure such as roads and better security.

“We need you to co-operate with security agents. Without proper security, Commuter Vehicles and Bajaj cannot operate. As an administration, we are ready to hold everyone who hurts you accountable and defend your rights as well”  remarks the Mayor.

Among the attendants of the meeting are Administration and Finance Assistant, Honorable Hussein Mohamed Nur, Officialsvfrom Police Forces and others who are affiliated to the Revenue Department under Banadir Region Administration.