Madrid orders removal of electric scooters

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Spain’s city hall has refused to grant licenses to the county’s three electric scooter share companies and given them a time frame of 72 hours to remove its scooters from the streets of its capital Madrid.

This comes after city hall said that Lime, Wind and VOI, have done less to educate and inform its clients of their usage rules.

City hall added that the companies distributed electric scooters across the capital earlier this year without official authorization.

Other cities have since followed suit.

According to city hall, the scooters in its capital are banned on pavements and in pedestrian zones but authorized on all roads where the speed limit is 30 kilometers (19 miles) an hour, a limit implemented recently on 80 percent of the city’s streets.

In a statement, City Hall said that the three companies at any moment if interested can submit a new request for the license. Eighteen companies have since expressed interest in providing the service.