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Lokodo’s Office To Summon Pastor Bugingo

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Pastor Bugingo has been dominating the headlines over the past month from his messy divorce to public remarks about his former partner to now attacking marriage vows. His attack on marriage vows could be a reaction to the criticism he got after his divorce. He has been quoted as calling marriage vows satanic which proved to be the last straw for Pastor Lokodo’s office who aim to summon him.

Reverand Canon Mwesigye, the Integrity and Religious Affairs Director stated that his teachings could degenerate into another Kibwetere Cult. Kibwetere is infamous for leading his congregation to their death in the year 2000 when he told them the world was ending, when the day passed he proceeded to lock his congregation in the church and burn it and is still on the run.

The good Reverand stated that Bugingo is  manipulating his congregation in similar ways by teaching wrong doctrine, theology and scripture and hpes to summon him to their offices soon to be counseled by other members of the church. He believes Bugingo is a lost sheep that has fallen short of God’s spirit of guidance.

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