Locals leaders should do more for Buyende district says Volunteer

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Lack of Food, shelter, clothing and medical assistances continue to affect the wellbeing of residents of Buyende district who were affected by a deadly rainstorm earlier this month, warned Mwasse Malukaga, a Volunteer in Buyende.

He said that local leaders, government and well wishes should not only focus on the provision of basic needs but also provide psychological support and promote a spirit of sharing among the residents who can afford to support themselves.

Speaking about the nature of giving out the donated items to the victims, Mr. Mwasse urged supervisors, and chairpersons to monitor the supply and give away of donated aid because those who were not affected were gaining more leaving victims helpless.

He also called upon the Katikiro of Busoga to not only focus on the roofing of the mosque that was destroyed but also focus on more than 2 churches destroyed including the catholic church that is inhabiting over 120 victims who have remained homeless.

He however applauded all organizations and individuals who have donated and thanked them for the continued participation in donation issues. In particular, he thanked the members of Baba TV/radio for their continued coverage of the incidence and lobbying for more support, the Mwojjo Alliance Buyende group for their continued donation and other local leaders. He also praised and thanked their head Mrs. Ruth for taking the social responsibility activities for their people with enthusiasm.

He concluded by saying that his team under Ruth Mukyala Kyagala, the aspiring woman MP for Buyende will carry out a door to door medical camp for those affected by the storm.

The people of Buyende district were last month affected by a deadly rainstorm that destroyed lives and properties in the villages of Kabugudo, Nabweyo, and Nakabembe in Kidera town council.