Kitatta to spend eight years behind bars

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Boda Boda patron Hajji Abdallah Kitatta will spend the next eight years of his life behind bars, General Court martial has decided.

He (Kitatta) alongside his body guard Ngobi Sowaali were found guilty of unlawful possession of firearms and convicted to serve as lesson to would be offenders.

During the court hearing, the defense lawyer Shaban Sanya who tried his best to have his client (Kitatta) receive a lighter sentence told court that he (Kitatta and Ngobi) were first time offenders who deserved lighter sentences and the fact that they were sole bread winners for their extended families.

But the prosecution who were determined to have Kitatta and his colleague behind prison walls asked court to give a maximum sentence to the duo so that it can serve as a lesson to others.

On hearing the judgement, relatives and friends of the duo broke down after General Court Martial passed a verdict condemning the two to eight years, eight months and six days behind bars.


Prosecution alleges that on January 21, 2018, Boda Boda patron Hajji Abdallah Kitatta alongside his body guard a, a police officer by profession and his driver were found in unlawful possession of a submachine gun (SMG) rifle and a pistol, contrary to provisions of the Fire Arms Act on one of the suburbs of Wakaliga, Rubaga division.

They alongside seven others who were acquitted of the crimes where accused of unlawfully possessionon of 50 rounds of ammunition and military equipment, which are a monopoly of the defence forces.