Kenyan MP arrested after threatening Tanzanian and Ugandan traders

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One of the members of parliament in Kenya has been arrested for threatening to beat up Tanzanian and Ugandan traders if they continued operating in Kenya.

In a video which has since gone viral, MP Charles Njagua Kanyi noted that these foreigners were taking up Kenyan businesses and “enough is enough”

“When you look at our market, Tanzanians and Ugandans have taken our business, enough is enough, if we will give them 24 hours and they will not leave, we will beat them and we are not scared of anyone,” he can be seen saying as people around him cheer in agreement.” He asserted.

His comments did not go unnoticed by Tanzanian authorities forcing Tanzania’s prime minister to summon the Kenyan high commissioner for an explanation.

Tanzania’s leader of opposition Mr. Freeman Mbowe said the comments could not be ignored.

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