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Kenya: Man jumps and dies in lake Victoria while running away from Police during curfew

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Residents of Suba South constituency were left in a state of shock after a 35-year-old fisherman perished after he jumped into Lake Victoria while trying to beat the dusk to dawn curfew.

The deceased, Mustapha Ismael, who is a fisherman from Tanzania, was allegedly trying to escape from the police who were making arrests on those defying curfew hours.

Due to the ongoing floods currently experienced in the country, Mustapha drowned in the lake due to the high rising waters that have drastically increased due to the continuing rain all over the country.

Julius Odhiambo, who is the boat owner of which the deceased was operating on, said that Mustapha was at his home at around 7.30 pm, which is around Sare beach.

He was outside, seated with his wife when the police threatened that they would arrest him.

“The deceased was trying to escape the police who had threatened to arrest him for being out past 7 pm, and because of fear, he ran towards the beach, jumped into the lake and died,” he said.

Julius said that on seeing the policemen, the deceased wife rushed and locked herself inside the house while her husband fled. He was running towards the lakeshore, and the police were pursuing him.

The deceased then jumped into the lake in a desperate effort to evade the police.

Chairman of Sare beach William Onditi said that Mustapha’s body was retrieved and transferred to Suba South sub-county hospital as police delve into further investigations.

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