Katikkiro addresses the Kingdom about Kabaka’s health

Katikkiro addresses the Kingdom about Kabaka’s health

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The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, has rubbished reports that were circulating on the social media that the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II is critically ill and bedridden.

Speaking to the journalists at Bulange Mengo in Kampala,Mayiga said that these rumors are being circulated by nothing doers, ganja smokers and con men who wish evil to happen to the great kingdom.

“Much of the news that comes through unofficial channels is intended to create confusion and such news comes with an hidden agenda. Some of these people are looking for likes and followers on their different social media platforms,”he said.

“As it may be known, blogging is one means of earning these days. The bigger the followers one has on his or her platforms, the more the person is likely to be paid by the sites that manage these social media platforms,”Mayiga added.

He said people who make unsubstantiated claims about the kingdom are doing it to get money and to ruin it’s reputation.

“There are different people out there who would not want to see the progress in the kingdom.The modest progress in the kingdom disturbs them. They interpret things wrongly so that people are distracted away from the right course,”said Mayiga.

He added that Kabaka Mutebi is okay and still in total control over his kingdom

“This fake news has created concern and anxiety within people and these rumours have spread like wildfire. I have come here with my colleagues to inform the people of Uganda and Buganda that the Kabaka is not hospitalised,” he said.

Mayiga advised Ugandans to be vigilant and conscious about the news spread on different social media platforms.

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