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KAMPALA-Wearing red beret doesn’t mean you already have power – Mabike

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Social Democratic Party (SDP) president Mike Mabike has said that all People Power youth need lessons to guide them in politics because majority of them know nothing.

“Majority of the youth under the People Power umbrella need lessons regarding politics. They think wearing a red beret gives them power, which is wrong. Therefore, it’s only the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) which can help you with these lessons,” Mr Mabike said.

He made the remarks during the DP reunion meeting held at St Theresa Primary School in Entebbe Municipality on Saturday.

“We need to combine efforts if we are to reach our objectives. Don’t think that its only People Power in this struggle, DP is the main house and People Power is just an umbrella,” Mr Mabike added.

Dr Abed Bwanika, the People’s Development Party (PDP) president said: “Ugandans are yearning for change and are ready, but you leaders aren’t ready and you keep letting people down. If you don’t promote unity amongst yourselves, in 2021 we may come out with nothing.”

He also cited selfishness and greed amongst DP leaders in Entebbe municipality as something that keeps them down.

“I heard leaders here point fingers amongst yourselves instead of finding solutions for the gaps within the party. Everyone is fighting for their selfish interest which isn’t taking the party anyway,” Mr Bwanika said.

The Entebbe Mayor Mr Kayanja Vicent Depaul said: “Rumour mongering is eating up DP in Entebbe, instead of giving services to the community, leaders are just listening to rumours. I advise leaders stop listening to rumors but serve the community, because at the end of the day you will go back to these people asking them to vote you.”

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