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Kaka Bagyenda appointed Uganda’s ambassador to Angola.

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President Museveni has appointed sacked Frank ‘Kaka’ Bagyenda the ambassador to Angola.

Kaka’s name has been sent to Parliament for approval.

The sacked ISO boss will head the new consulate opened in the central African country.

Kaka was sacked recently amid the widening rift in the spy agency, with sources revealing that following the rising allegations of extortion, robbery and internal bickering, the President resolved that it was time to let Kaka go.

“The files against ISO were damaging the reputation of the state spy agency; that is why the President decided to act,” the source added.

The raid by Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) on several ISO safe houses in Kampala in July surprised many but also signalled that Kaka had a big fight for survival on his hands with higher forces probably fed up or rattled by his methods of work.

Multiple sources say ISO has authored some controversial reports that accused some big military big shots of working against President Museveni. Some of these reports, sources said, have been found fake.

In 2019, lawyers under their umbrella body, the Uganda Law Society (ULS) accused Kaka of arresting, detaining and torturing citizens and usurping the powers of other security agencies and acting outside the law.

During a media conference, then ULS president Simon Peter Kinobe said Kaka had taken over the role of other security agencies and turned ISO into a clearing agency for wealthy individuals to the detriment of regular citizens

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