Juba: Government approves 22m to construct an orphanage

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TONJ STATE, South Sudan

The Council of Ministers in South Sudan’s Tonj state has approved over 22 million pounds for construction of an orphanage.

According to the state minister of information, James Ayek, the number of growing street children is worrying and needs immediate action.

The Minister added that some of the street children are victims of the five year insurgencies that has left dozens of children homeless and orphaned while a few run away from their homes because of parental neglect and mistreatment. This, he said, has become a problem to the state government.

“It carries the plans of over 12m Pounds for plan activities and over 9m Pounds for paying expenses of the human resource that will be doing the activities of the ministry. The overall required budget is to implement the strategic plan is over 22, 000, 0000 Pounds,” said Mr Ayek.

Our source confirmed that the state cabinet proposed that the children’s home be built at an area called Wunalak near Tonj town.

According to reports issued by Humanitarian organizations, in 2014 alone the number of street children was increasing in major towns across the country due to the conflict and the resultant economic crisis. In Juba alone, the number increased from 1,000 to 3,000 in just a year.